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CFD freelancer (freelancer cfd simulation)

CFD turbomachinery

freelancer cfd simulation: In this article, we have discussed CFD freelancers and the CFD freelancer consultant you can get from the expert team of CFDSource. This article teaches you how to outsource your project and Use professional CFD freelance services.

At the beginning of the article, we discuss the definition of CFD and its various applications. We then introduce some of the CFD software available, which has been developed using different methods for specific purposes. The article explores whether employers should use freelance CFD services or hire a specialized CFD employee. Additionally, we provide descriptions of some projects completed by our CFD experts, and you can find more examples of our work in our website’s product section. Furthermore, you can purchase these projects and receive customized training and the necessary software files.

In the rest of the article, we have answered why we should outsource our projects to CFD Source and mentioned the advantages of working with CFD Source. In the end, we have also guided how to define and send your project to us and how to make international payments. If you still have questions or ambiguities, contact us through our communication channels for further assistance.

What is CFD? CFD software?

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a new scientific field that uses computer simulations to study fluid flows and phenomena. CFD has grown significantly in recent decades and has numerous applications in various industries, such as aerospace, mechanical engineering, automotive, chemical engineering, marine engineering, and food industries, leading to substantial progress in these fields. Consequently, in recent years, a considerable amount of energy has been dedicated to the development and expansion of CFD, and with the continuous advancement of computer hardware, the use of CFD software has increased significantly in various industries and engineering firms.

cooling tower simulation

Various software tools are used for simulating CFD, and different software packages have been developed with different objectives. Some examples of these software tools include Ansys Fluent, Ansys CFX, Star CCM, Open FOAM, and COMSOL. Each of these software packages has been developed for specific purposes. For instance, CFX is used for analyzing turbomachinery and is very useful and practical for such analyses, enabling us to achieve higher accuracies. However, we want to analyze turbomachinery using another software tool like Fluent. In that case, we will need more time and energy, and ultimately, we will have to settle for lower levels of accuracy. Therefore, to perform various analyses and applications, we must use appropriate software tools for that subject matter.

CFD freelancer

Due to the various applications of CFD in different industries, individuals worldwide require CFD simulations to advance their goals and projects. Therefore, the use of CFD software is necessary. However, professional and proper use of this software requires high knowledge and experience, so many people need specialized individuals to confidently and accurately complete their projects. Freelance CFD experts have emerged for this reason. These individuals have sufficient experience and high skills in using CFD software and can perform CFD software projects or coding.

The CFD Source website comprises professional and experienced CFD experts to perform CFD projects using various software required by the client. Our experts have years of experience using software and simulating various physics such as multiphase flows, heat transfer, turbomachinery, combustion, etc.

When choosing a suitable reference for freelancing CFD projects, you should be very careful, as CFD is a high-level science, and a professional freelancer must have complete mastery of all simulation details to perform the simulation and extract accurate results properly. On the other hand, trusting inexperienced and new freelancers can save time and energy and ultimately fail to achieve your project goals. Therefore, by choosing CFD Source to outsource your projects, you can be sure that a specialized team will properly and expertly perform your project, and results will be sent to you on time and without wasting time.

CFD outsourcing

Which is better, hiring an employee or a CFD freelancer?

The question that may arise for company owners and engineering firms is whether to hire a CFD specialist or to outsource their projects to CFD freelancers. To answer this question! Factors such as the amount of the company’s projects should be considered. Hiring a CFD specialist is cost-effective if a company has many CFD projects. However, they still need to overcome another challenge: the scarcity of professional and experienced CFD experts and relying on inexperienced and novice individuals can waste time and cost. Another disadvantage of CFD freelancers is their need for permanent availability. Therefore, we at CFD Source have considered the possibility for employers to have long-term contracts with us and be able to count on our services for a long time so that they can be reassured about projects that may take a long time to complete or require secondary modifications.

On the other hand, in many engineering companies, the demand for CFD projects must be higher to require hiring specialists, and they only partially need CFD services. Therefore, for this group of employers, CFD freelancers are the best option for their projects. This is because they are always obligated to pay for and use services according to the number of their projects and workload. However, finding experienced and skilled freelancers requires excellent attention to ensure employers’ projects are completed correctly and on time. Therefore, at CFD Source, we are committed to delivering employers’ projects with the best CFD specialists in the highest possible quality and on time to satisfy employers.

Examples of CFD source projects

Our experienced experts in CFD simulations have experience in simulating various physical phenomena, including multi-phase flows such as Eulerian-Eulerian, Eulerian-Lagrangian flows, rotating flows in turbomachinery, chemically reacting and heat transfer flows, compressible flows, and more, for various industrial applications. One of the important applications of CFD simulations is in aerodynamic simulations to obtain aerodynamic coefficients. For example, an Audi R8 car has been simulated in the following project. Using this simulation, aerodynamic coefficients for this car can be calculated, and the body aerodynamic design can be optimized for low drag coefficient and fuel consumption.

freelance CFD-simulation

In the project below, our experts have performed the aerodynamic simulation of an airplane. Using this simulation, the lift and drag coefficients of the airplane can be obtained without the need for wind tunnel testing. We know that for experimental testing of flying devices, we need very large wind tunnels, and building these wind tunnels is very costly. CFD allows us to perform our simulations without needing laboratory work and obtain the desired results. Undoubtedly, CFD is much more cost-effective and straightforward than laboratory methods, and several different designs can be simulated and analyzed without building them.


Another project carried out by our experts is the simulation of turbomachinery. In this project, which you can see in the image below, a Kaplan water turbine has been simulated. Kaplan turbines are axial-flow water turbines that are used at high flow rates. Due to their high weight, these turbines have a high starting torque. In this project, this turbine has been simulated in a stationary state to calculate the resistance torque.

Kaplan turbine

With the spread of the coronavirus, studying its distribution and transmission has become very important. On the other hand, using Eulerian-Lagrangian simulation methods in CFD, we can simulate particles in different flow regimes and track their movement path. Therefore, with this method, DPM (discrete phase method), the spread of the coronavirus can be simulated under different conditions. The simulation you see in the image below examines the spread of the coronavirus when two people are talking and the infected person has not used protective equipment like a mask. It can be seen that due to the infected person’s lack of mask use, the spread of the virus has increased.


Using such simulations makes it possible to predict the spread of the virus in different places, such as hospitals or closed spaces, and to design a suitable air conditioning system for them to reduce the spread of the virus.

Why should we outsource our projects to CFDSource?

You can confidently entrust your CFD projects to CFD Source for four reasons:

  1. Professional Team: Our experienced specialists in various CFD project fields can assure you they can perform your project with the highest quality and accuracy and provide the expected simulation results. We know that most freelancers who introduce themselves as CFD experts need to gain the skills to complete all projects. Although they may be able to handle simple projects, CFD simulations require a lot of details and require experienced individuals to analyze the problem properly. Therefore, we assure you that our experts have sufficient skills and knowledge to perform various simulations.
  2. Free Initial Consultation: Our specialists are ready to provide you with a free consultation on the details of your project and proper CFD simulation methods before starting the project without any charge. You can also share your goals with our experts to guide you in the best possible way.
  3. Economic Advantage: Considering that our specialists perform your project with high quality and accuracy, we charge a very reasonable cost. You can confidently entrust your projects to us without worrying about economic matters and at a very affordable price. You can send your project to us to receive our proposed cost based on the volume and required time for completion. Although our proposed costs are lower than other sources, we can apply a discount for you if you still need a discount.
  4. Free three-month support: After completing any project, employers may have questions or ambiguities and may need post-project consultation. That’s why for every project we undertake, we provide three months of free support to ensure your peace of mind and be sure that you achieve all your simulation goals.

How to pay for projects?

Don’t worry about paying for your projects; we have provided various payment methods for you at CFDSOURCE so that you can choose the most convenient way of currency transfer. For further guidance, you can contact our experts through the chat section in your user panel, or you can message us via social networks such as WhatsApp or Telegram or email us, and we will guide you.

For some employers, payment through digital currencies is preferable, while for others, paying through PayPal and other bank accounts is more desirable. Based on your choice of currency transfer, we will send you an invoice so you can make your payments the easiest way possible. As you know, we offer three months of free support for our services at CFDsource so that employers can receive their projects without any worries about future questions that may arise. Therefore, we assure you that if you have any questions about the project results after the final payment, we will resolve your issues at no cost.

How to send project files?

To define your project and send your project files to us, please go to the Project Order section and complete the fields specifying your project details, including the topic, description, and deadline. In the lower fields of the page, you can upload a PDF file of the project along with geometry and mesh files, if available. Note that after placing the files in the lower fields, you must click the Order button to start uploading your files. Wait until your file uploads are complete before the page automatically switches to another page. After sending your files to us, our experts will review your project, and you can take advantage of the services of our CFD freelancers and CFD freelancer consultants.

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