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CFD project for beginners (CFD for beginners)

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CFD project for beginners: This article introduces CFD software and several examples of CFD projects for beginners. By reading this article, you will briefly become familiar with some of the software used for CFD projects and some of the CFD projects carried out using commercial CFD software. Furthermore, we introduce educational projects that our experienced specialists have done for beginners. Beginners can achieve a suitable mastery of CFD projects by receiving them and their tutorial videos. Also, our experts are ready to help you do your projects.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a computational method used to describe fluid behavior in a system and model different fluid reactions using physical and mathematical laws. CFD is a simulation method that calculates the properties and characteristics of fluids in a particular system, such as velocity, pressure, and flow rate, precisely and detailed using numerical methods. CFD simulations require powerful computers, and with recent computer hardware advancements, CFD has become a valuable and cost-effective solution for advancing engineering projects in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, energy, food and pharmaceuticals, and ship design.

CFD Simulations can prevent problems in engineering designs and can be used to predict engineering equipment performance more accurately during the design phase. CFD Simulations can avoid issues in engineering designs and can be used to predict engineering equipment performance more accurately during the design phase. In addition, CFD enables optimizing different systems’ efficiency and performance through precise fluid behavior analysis. Furthermore, CFD is efficient for researchers and scientists as it can be used to analyze complex issues such as heat transfer, mass transfer, and simulation of fluid flow behavior under different conditions.

CFD project for beginners

We must go to the software developed based on CFD codes and algorithms to use CFD. In the following, we will introduce some of the most famous CFD software:

Ansys Fluent:

This software is among many industries’ most potent and popular CFD software. In most engineering projects, Ansys Fluent can simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and flows with chemical reactions.


This software is one of the most influential and popular open-source CFD software. This software has excellent power in simulating multiphase flows and is mainly used to simulate multiphase flows.

COMSOL Multiphysics:

This software allows modeling and analyzing several physics in one system. As one of the leaders in simulating Multiphysics processes, COMSOL Multiphysics is used in many industries such as energy, automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Star CCM:

This software allows modeling fluid flow, heat transfer, and Multiphysics problems in fluid phenomena. Star CCM is one of the most widely used CFD software in the aerospace and shipbuilding industries and has proven its use in these industries.

Ansys CFX:

This software is one of the most powerful computational fluid dynamics software. It is the priority in turbomachinery simulations due to its various features, such as high accuracy and speed in solving turbomachinery problems. To simulate rotating equipment such as turbines, pumps, compressors, and fans, we must use Ansys CFX to achieve better convergence and more accurate answers. Although we can also use other CFD software to simulate turbomachines, CFX is recommended due to the higher speed of convergence and higher accuracy.

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Types of CFD projects

CFD simulation is used in various engineering and fluid dynamics applications. For example, it can be used for simulating heat transfer flows, chemically reactive flows, multiphase flows, compressible flows, and so on. Below, we introduce some examples of CFD projects:

  • Aerodynamic analysis of aircraft and vehicles
  • Thermal management of electronic components
  • Optimization of heat exchanger performance
  • Combustion analysis in engines and furnaces
  • Flow analysis in chemical reactors
  • Fluid-structure interaction analysis in wind turbines and bridges
  • Optimization of hydrodynamic performance of ships and offshore structures
  • Simulation of blood flow in the human body

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of CFD projects that can be performed.

In the following, we will explain some CFD simulations.

Heat transfer simulation

Heat transfer in nature occurs through convection, conduction, and radiation. In most engineering problems and projects related to fluid systems, fluid flow is accompanied by heat transfer. Therefore, in most CFD projects, heat transfer simulation is also performed simultaneously, and the energy equation is activated to calculate temperature distribution.

Of course, in fluid systems, heat transfer mainly occurs through natural or free convection, and heat transfer through conduction and radiation is much less. However, in exceptional cases, such as simulations involving chemical reactions and combustion chambers, the role of radiation cannot be ignored, and radiation models must be used to calculate the effects of radiation during the simulation. Similarly, the effects of solar radiation passing through glass windows are also studied in simulations related to building architecture projects. These simulations allow suitable HVAC systems to be designed for the building.

cfd simulation

Simulation of multiphase flows

One of the common issues in industry and nature is multiphase flows. Examples of multiphase flows include bubbly flows in water, sloshing phenomena in fuel tanks, or flows with sediments inside pipes.

Simulation of multiphase flows

Simulating these types of flows is of particular importance for engineers and designers. Therefore, various multiphase models have been developed in CFD software for simulating multiphase flows, such as the VOF model, which simulates the common interface between two phases, or the Eulerian model, which is used to simulate heterogeneous multiphase flows. ANSYS Fluent and Open FOAM are the most suitable software for simulating multiphase flows. In most industrial applications, these two software packages simulate multiphase flows.

CFD project for beginners

CFD project for beginners: So far, we have become familiar with some CFD software and understand its importance in engineering projects. However, beginner individuals looking to learn CFD face many challenges. Novice individuals need completed CFD projects to learn different CFD simulation models and methods by reviewing them. If these projects come with step-by-step simulation instructions and training videos, they can significantly help novice individuals and make learning simulation principles easier and more convenient. That is why at CFD Source, we have done various projects for beginner individuals, and for all these projects, there is a comprehensive training video on the CFD simulation process.

Our experts have done different projects in different physics. You can access the simulated software files and a complete training video by purchasing any of these projects.

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